Two Heads are Better than One.

The best activities for independent living at home are the ones you love. Gain the energy to do so only by pairing with an Enrichment Tutor.

Two Heads are Better than One.

The best activities to promote independence are the ones you love. By pairing activities with an Enrichment Tutor we cultivate friendships, healthy living and life satisfaction.

Enrichment Activities and Classes


Current events and daily chronicle

Keep up with today’s headlines. Seniors will review and discuss a current event issue that interests them by reading recent articles from verified news sources. Articles are tailored to the interest of the senior (eg Sports, Health, Science, Travel, World)

Physical exercise

The most important activity for mental and physical health is physical exercise. Choose between weight training, yoga, meditation, aerobics, and other activities. Enrichment Tutors can be your fitness trainer, instructor or even just a workout companion.

Musical memories

The sing along class will bring back the good times. Designed to your likes and dislikes, we will croon along to your old favories and reminisce about years past. We bring in lyric sheets and percussion instruments to aid in the engagement, Absolutely no musical experience required.


Visit exhibitions, museums, parks, local events, sporting events, movie theaters, and etc. You can choose  to visit any of your favorite spots, or let us take you somewhere new!

Foreign language

Our enrichment tutors give entry level classes in Spanish or Mandarin. Learn everyday phrases perfect for impressing your friends and family. You might even learn a song or poem.

Arts and Crafts

Use your fine motor skills and a little creativity to make crafts worthy of displaying. Projects are suited to the likes and interests of the senior with special  seasonal crafts available throughout the year.

Cooking class

Your tutor will guid you as you work together to prepare a delicious meal. Seniors can choose meals that are old favorites, or learn a new recipe. Chop, measure, blend, stir, scoop, sautee, until your meal is ready. Bon Apetit!

Mental workout

Get those brains moving with our fast-paced mental class! Our tutors tailor a class to stretch your mental capacity with 6-10 short activities, each designed to activate different parts of the brain.

Brain games

Activate those brains by playing a few of our favorite tabletop and party games! Invite a friend or two to multiply the fun! Each game is chosen for its ability to engage players and activate different parts of the brain. Choose from games like Buzzword, Chronology, Checkers, Charades, Name 5, Pictionary, Rumicube, Scattergories, Scrabble, and more.

Art analysis

Cultural enrichment, Rich Brains Style! Study a piece of art, film, or music in depth. We will discover how history, culture and style affected the artist and the piece.

English literature

Activate those brains by playing a few of our favorite tabletop and party games! Invite a friend or two to multiply the fun! Each game is chosen for its ability to engage players and activate different parts of the brain. Choose from games like Buzzword, Chronology, Checkers, Charades, Name 5, Pictionary, Rumicube, Scattergories, Scrabble, and more.

6 Core Goals for Brain Enrichment

Learn something new

Learning Something New

Example of Activities
  • Discussing current events
  • Using a new word
  • Baking cookies for the first time
  • Making verses in poetry
  • Visiting a new place
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Playing an instrunment
Stimulated brain regions
  • Cerebellum
  • Frontal lobe
  • Hippocampus (Temporal lobe)
  • Amygdala (Temporal lobe)

Critical Thinking


Example of Activities
  • Case  study and problem solving
  • Understanding what went wrong in a daily task
  • Debating on an issue 
  • Explaining or teaching a task or idea
  • Art analysis
Stimulated brain regions
  • Cerebellum
  • Frontal lobe
  • Hippocampus (Temporal lobe)
  • Amygdala (Temporal lobe)

Long Term Memory

Example of Activities
  • Recalling  a memorable moment
  • Listing words for a designated category
  • Recalling how to start a lawn mower
  • Using a foreign language
  • Listening to a song
Stimulated brain regions
  • Hippocampus (Temporal lobe)
  • Various parts of the cortex

Mind Body Movement


  • Meditation
  • Strength training , ie. jogging
  • Aeorobic exercise, ie. jogging
  • Yoga, stretching
Stimulated brain regions
  • Motor cortex
  • Sensory cortex
  • Aneteior cingulate cortex
  • Pre-frontal cortex
  • Frontal cortex
  • Dorsal striatum
  • Hippocampus

Analytical Thinking

  • Pattern  recognition and sequencing
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Interpreating graphs and charts
Stimulated brain regions
  • Frontal lobe
  • Parietal cortex
  • Motor cortex
  • Sensory cortex

Step by step sequencing

  • Following the instructions of a recipe
  • Origami folding
  • Making a stool or carving a piece of wood
  • Making decorations for an event, ie: Chritmas
  • Painting a portrait
Stimulated brain regions
  • Pre-frontal lobe

It’s never too late to pick up where you left off.

Physical exercise

Strength, aeorobic, and balance training.

Sense of purpose

Do-It-Yourself for chores and playing bigger roles in special events.

Reduced stress

Exerting energy in physical and mental activities. Listening and singing music.

Mental workout

Verbal, written, and physical exercise.

Strong social network

Besides talking not only with Enrichment Tutors, Rich Brains also organizes group class sessions when possible.

Healthy eating

Learning about nutrition or preparing meals  that are healthy.

Rich Brains provides activities to seniors living in private homes

Lifelong learning

Learning everyday and doing what you love.

Questions and Answers

Where do classes take place?
Typicaly in private homes, but it really depends on your preferences and what type of activities we are doing. Current events class and mental workout classes can be conducted in a cafe if noise is not a significant issue. If we are having currents events class and physical exercise class, staying in the home may be better. Feel free to discuss your preferences, because we want it to work for you.
When do classes begin?
Anytime between 9 am to 4 pm. You can start your class in the morning if you are an early riser. If you wake up late, we can begin classes in the afternoon too. What works for you is most important.
Are there group classes?
Yes, group classes are available when there are enough attendees. We would love to allow you to make more friends. Socialization is the key to longevity. Group classes will be cheaper than an one-on-one class, so feel free to invite a friend to join and make a group class. Classes can take place in a physical location or in an online group meeting, which allows each speaker to view each other easily all in one screen. It is a truly convenient and state-of-the-art technological experience.
How many classes do I have to take?
It really depends on you. We could always start with a few classes or whatever you are comfortable with. Know how many hours per day and how many days per week you are willing to commit based on your personal schedule, for example doctors appointment, therapy, and etc. Bear in mind that Rich Brains classes is more than a class, it’s a lifestyle or a holistic daily life experience. From stationary classes, cooking meals, to holiday arts and crafts preparation, to physical exercise,  we plan to be your ultimate daily engagement buddy. Through a mixture of high and low intensity classes, such as current events discussion and physical exercise, having 3 or more hours a day would be a piece of cake for our trained Enrichment Tutors, who are activity specialists. In general, more classes per week and more hours per day would allow more engagement and brain stimulation, which is vital for aging in place.
What is the minimum amount of classes one can take?
If one only chooses 1 or 2 hours of classes per day and there are no Enrichment Tutors living nearby, online classes would be suggested.
Do I need to buy training equipment for physical exercise classes?
We can provide 1 to 10 lb weights for strength training. If you need yoga mats, towels, or heavier equipment, you need to purchase these ahead of time.
Are there online classes?

Yes, and we strongly recommend clients trying them. It offers the convenience of your time and location while interacting with the Enrichment Tutor or even other seniors from different regions in the case of a group class. Seniors will be able to see each other and view documents disseminated by the Enrichment Tutor.

What is required for an online class?

Please have a computer, webcam, and internet connection ready, for these are neccesary for the online class. Rich Brains will not provide any of these items. However, we will help setup so that we can use Zoom from  to conduct the video conferencing.

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