Little did you know…

Little did you know…





Before you

were born…

The Process of Aging Already Began.

Looking at Two People Around The Same Age, You May Already Notice These Differences:





Energy Level


Memory Recall and Retention


Amount of White Hair


Amount of Wrinkles


Speed of Recovery from Injury

We can’t escape death, but we can live more and stay youthful mentally or physically.

Rich Brains empowers those who want to live the most out of their times and those who want to help another person thrive by providing Powerful, Free, and Easy Online Video Tutorials.

Rich Brains also wants to electrify the senior care model at home by introducing the exciting new Enrichment Tutor to the household unit, which was previously composed of only the senior, the caregiver, and the family.


Enrichment Tutors will provide one-on-one educational courses to seniors as part of an In-Home Memory Care Program, which was previously only exclusive to high-end senior living communities. 



Adults 65+ want to age in their homes †1


Adults 85+ developing dementia . †2

The problem

  • Most caregivers lack expertise to provide enriching activities.

  • Family members can’t spend unlimited time with loved ones.

  • Many home environments often induce a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Ageism, stereotypes, and physical morbidity discourage active lifestyles.

  • Bad habits are hard to break.

Years life increased due to positive perceptions on aging. †3


Women delayed or prevented the risk of dementia or cognitive decline †4

The solution

  • Enrichment Tutors fully dedicate their time, resources, training, and expertise to help seniors stay active and healthy.

  • Rich Brain classes promote healthy brains and bodies based on practical tips from the latest scientific literature.

  • Enrichment Tutors arrive directly to the resident’s home to motivate, energize and inspire.

  • Tutors encourage social and emotional wellbeing by providing friendship and encouragement.

1AARP Public Policy Institute. (2014, April 1). What is Livable? Community Preferences of Older Adults. Retrieved October 2, 2017, from AARP:
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4Crooks, V. C., Lubben, J., Petitti, D. B., Little, D., & Chiu, V. (2008). Social Network, Cognitive Function, and Dementia Incidence Among Elderly Women. American Journal of Public Health , 98 (7), 1221-1227.

Leading experts


Maintaining an engaged approach with meaninful goals and achievements can enhance quality of life dramatically and lead to better health management lifelong.

Aaron Hagedorn, PhD

Instructional Associate Professor, University of Southern California, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, 2016

You've never seen anything like this. The senior cooks, dances, and sings, and converses instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Stephen Chien, MASM

Manager, Rich Brains

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