Why do people stay at home?

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Aging in Place or simply retiring at home is a very popular choice. According to the AARP , more than 85% of Americans want to continue to stay in their homes. This preference is understandable in many ways. For more details, please refer to the AARP statistics.

  1. People are used to living in private homes

  2. People can be attached to their neighborhood, which includes the friends, familiar faces, shops, events, layout, greenery, and etc.

  3. One can have maximum control over their lifestyles.

  4. People want more space for the prized possessions they’ve accumulated.

  5. Houses contain years or even generations of memories.

  6. There may not be availability of senior living communities at one’s preferred location

  7. Living at home can sometimes be significantly cheaper than living in a senior living community.

  8. People have more control over the interior design and decor of a house. Appearances are important, because customization appeals to individuality and makes one feel more comfortable.

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