Illuminate others and shine by

becoming an Enrichment Tutor.

Learn how to use this perfect stage and achieve your personal goals.

Illuminate others and shine.

Learn how to excel

on this perfect stage



Regardless if your future is in business, entertainment, technology, health care, or education, you will receive priceless experience through trial and error. The more you give the more you are intrinsically rewarded. You will realize that this job is the perfect stage for self-improvement. It is invaluable. 


Compared to similar positions, such as activities assistants in senior living communities, Enrichment Tutors are paid 33% more, because Rich Brains believes in the value of your talent and service. 


We all age. No one can escape aging.  Through working with seniors, you can reflect on yourself, others, and the society. Make a difference in the future by knowing what to expect. Unlock the secrets to longevity and discover others gems of wisdom.

Enrichment Tutors

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  1. Better pay (than conventional activities assistants or care givers in assisted living communities)
  2. A great stage for public speaking and self improvement
  3. Fantastic channel to understand about aging
  4. Empowerment and flexibility. Feel the freedom to take total control of what you will do that day.

Job description

  1. Love seniors like you would love your family or your older self.
  2. Play the role of a cook, fitness trainer, tour guide, math teacher, English teacher, art instructor, news anchor, commentator, critic, facilitator, and musician in an one-on-one or group setting when needed
  3. Maximize the use of technology, computers or tablets, when appropriate for accessibility or sustainability.
  4. Incorporate the 6 core goals into the activities.
  5. Perform personalized activities and deliver appropriate challenges
  6. Conduct semi-annual cognitive and symptoms assessments.
  7. Adjust the Enrichment Program accordingly to maximize engagement, based on the changing needs, changing preferences, daily observations, MoCA examination results, and discussions with the family.
  8. Promote positive aging and healthy living.
  9. Update the resident’s weekly schedule (enrichment program), profile, and other documentation.

Job Requirements

  1. Speak English. Bilingual would be even better.
  2. Pass background checks.
  3. Use a car or on-demand services, such as Uber or Lyft, to drive to the resident’s home or go on outings.
  4. Person who has not only several interests and hobbies, but also willing to learn new skills. Loves to share and care.


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