Enrichment Tutors are fun

Highly educated and passionate professionals ready for action.

Enrichment Tutors are fun

Highly educated and passionate professionals ready for action.

Credibility is our currency!

Enrichment Tutors are guaranteed to be a fun bunch that seniors can befriend and most importantly, trust. This credibility is gained through a long term relationship made possible through contracts that ensure the same Enrichment Tutors work with the same person.

  • Federal and county courthouse records going back 7 years

  • Multi-State Criminal Database going back 7 years

  • National Sex Offender Registry screen

  • Social Security trace

  • Registered drug testing with expanded opiate screening

  • DMV record review

  • 60 Minute interview, including academic background verification, scenario-based assessments, and in-person screening

  • Multiple professional reference checks

  • Geriatric training, operational training, and emergency response protocols

Education is the foundation.

Enrichment Tutors already have or are in the process of obtaining a bachelors or masters degree. Similar backgrounds are important in matching the academic caliber of current senior cohorts. We expect a multigenerational exchange where both can profess knowledge and learn from each other.

Personality trait is first-rate.

Enrichment Tutors are selected individuals that truly love seniors and embrace the idea of active aging. They constantly challenge themselves and others. Humble infront of senior, we wish to grow together on this journey, blurring the line between teacher, student, and friend.


English, Spanish, Mandarin


Bachelors, Masters

Areas of study

Biology, Gerontology, Hotel Management


Horticulture, culinary arts, photography, biking, dancing, and much more.

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