Exercises that slow aging

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Aging does not always mean morbidity, because it really depends on each person. However, there is still merit to the idea of slowing down the effect of aging. We want to be cognitively healthy, ambulatory, and active longer the better. However, to do so requires more than good praying and genes; it is also necessary to do a variety of things, such as physical exercise. Today we will mention about two types that are particularly critical.

Aerobic exercise, such as swimming and jogging, is a habit that you should keep, because it will always serve the purpose of improving your immune system and age-related decline. In addition neuron connectivity in the brain will also be strengthened, staving off the effect of dementia. Another perk from doing aerobic exercise is having better looking skin. If you don’t need to look good for anyone, at least look good for yourself.  “Easier said than done,” you might say, but if aerobic ic exercise doesn’t seem too far fetched, we are committed to be your jogging buddy every day. If you have trouble walking, we can try to do a brisk walk outside or on the treadmill with you. If you are serious to do exercise, we are more serious to help you achieve your daily goals. Just tell us.

Strength training is important for fall prevention and maintaining a way of life. Allowing a senior to hold an object, walk a distance, and etc, without feeling overwhelmed. A person that builds and tones the muscle effectively at old age, can be stronger than someone younger that never exercises and out of shape.

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