What can I do about Parkinson’s Disease?

Although a number of medication is prescribed for Parkinson’s Disease (PD), it is often suggested that a number of lifestyle changes are important for improving symptoms. For example, a way to promote a better sleeping cycle for the loved one, is to ensure they stay actively engaged during the day time, so that at night they can sleep at a regular time and wake up energized. Rich Brain’s Enrichment Tutors provide the activities inside the house, at your convenience, to provide not only lifestyle management, but also special services to help your loved ones thrive. 



Our special services

We help families monitor the disease progression semi-annually by using Bunch’s Parkinson’s Disease Symptom’s List developed by David A. Bunch from The Voice of Parkinson’s and the MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment). Hopefully, we may find a reduced disease progression as a result of positive lifestyle interventions or find areas where we can improve on.

Lifestyle management

One of the biggest challenges about staying at home is being active, which means not living a sedentary lifestyle. Unless one is super self-motivated and capable, this can be an unsurmountable problem. Fortunately, Enrichment Tutors care about helping older adults achieve these goals. We want to provide you a lifestyle that emphasizes activities that embody an enriched lifestyle.

Regular exercise

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  • Physical exercise

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Good social life

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Nutritionally balanced diet

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  • Cooking

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Right cognitive challenges

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  • Mental workout

  • Current events and daily chronicle

  • Brain games

  • Art analysis

  • English literature

  • Foreign language

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Leading experts


Maintaining an engaged approach with meaninful goals and achievements can enhance quality of life dramatically and lead to better health management lifelong.

Aaron Hagedorn, PhD

Instructional Associate Professor, University of Southern California, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, 2016

You've never seen anything like this. The senior cooks, dances, and sings, and converses instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Stephen Chien, MASM

Manager, Rich Brains

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