Rich Brains promotes active living and social engagement by various ways, one of which is organizing outings. There is merit in watching live performance. Despite the convenience of many recorded performances through Internet, one can always agree that it’s totally not the same type of experience. This effect can be explained by science. The level of engagement and brain activity is significantly higher for live performances.


In the case of a ballet show, the stage light and dark setting singles out the performer from the rest. There is no distraction from adjacent viewers, environment, cellphones, and other performers. The body movements are only wordless symbols and gestures, yet they are processed by our brains into meaning as well as narratives, often inciting stronger emotional responses. One would be expected to love, laugh, frustrate, and even cry harder than watching the same show in front of a television on a couch in the living room.


To further explain, the medial prefrontal cortex and temporoparietal junction are responsible for decoding facial expression and sensing social perceptions. This mechanism allows one to respond appropriately to a choreographed scene or amplify emotions based upon other audiences.


For more details, please refer to the excellent original article from the Washington Post.


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